Crocheter lifestyle

Crocheters come in all shapes and sizes, races and religions, ages and genders. Despite that rich and wonderful diversity of experience, our shared love of the craft brings us many overlapping experiences, too. Crocheter Lifestyle is the  place Freddy and Goat let our metaphorical hair down and talk about #thatcrocheterlife. Whether that means sharing our murder podcasts playlists or giving a soliloquy on the existential crisis we may have had while frogging, you’ll find the down and dirty of a crocheter’s life here.

We’d love to hear about from you about the knitty gritty (<– yarn craft pun) of your crocheter life experience too, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line!


Freddy, Goat, and Freddy Goat hang out on a sofa
Free Halloween(ie) Crochet Pattern

Free Halloween(ie) Crochet Pattern

Halloween(ie) and #Hooktober | The black magic of being overly ambitious We LOVE fall. As soon as spring comes around, we start counting down the...

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