Murder She Hooked – A podcast guide for crocheters

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Written by Freddy (Kath)

July 14, 2023

Confession time: I am addicted to audiobooks and podcasts. I mean it. I am ALWAYS listening to something. I have been a big fan of other people reading me stories since childhood (who isn’t???), but the real obsession hit when pattern design became my full-time gig and I started spending the better part of my day focused on my hands. The situation has become so serious that I find myself running out of ideas about what I want to listen to next and needing to scout around for new books and podcasts all the time. The struggle is real.

If you’re with me on this and you’re the kind of crocheter who has  already maxed out your library withdrawals and audible credits for the month, I’d love to swap listen lists with you!

Here is a short list of podcasts curated for you by me, Freddy. Full disclosure, I am really into true crime and mythical monsters, so this list is heavy on both. (Bear in mind, most of these shows are not especially kid friendly because of the subject matter).

I’d also love some suggestions from you because, as I said, I always need something new. I’d be much obliged if you dropped a good listen in the comments!

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Before we get started, familiarize yourself with the Freddy Rating Scale–an entirely unquantifiable and therefore UTTERLY useless metric for rating podcasts. Here are the categories…

Podcast Guide for Crocheters Rating Scale:

🤣 funny

😱 scary

🤔 hmm… I am intrigued

💩 vulgarity

👽 aliens/cryptids/susperstition

🥰 oddly heart warming

🔪 discusses crime

Podcast Guide for Crocheters to the rescue!


Silly and mostly family friendly.

This is my current favorite podcast on the internet. It tells weird and whimsical stories from the archives of old newspapers, mostly cryptozoological or urban-legendary in nature. Every episode is a little zany and a lot of fun! My personal fave is “The Blob”, but they’re all charming.

P.S. This show is a side project from the makers of The Fall Line, a true crime podcast covering the cases of underrepresented crime victims. It is also really great but in an entirely different vein.


You’re gonna get you some cussing and sexual references and you will LIKE IT!

Two comedians with very satisfying Texas accents whisk you into a world of true crime, cryptids, and crystals. The fun is in their chattiness and if you are from Texas (like me) you will definitely find your twang getting more intense as you listen:/

If you aren’t turned off by bathroom humor, Ep 13 (Disappearance of Ben McDaniel) is a must listen. It made me WEEEEEEP with laughter.


If you ever want your family to go camping with you again, listen to this one alone!

This is a seasonal podcast about murder and mayhem in some of the most beautiful places in the world. The host, Delia, is clearly a lover of national parks and does a great job of transporting you to these beautiful settings before scaring the heck out of you with the stories. (She also has a charming North Carolina accent, which helps mitigate some of the horror!) 

P.S. If you are into this show you may also like her investigative podcast, Counter Clock, which takes a deep dive into an unsolved (or questionably solved) murder case each season.


Terrifying! Yet utterly fascinating…

This will keep you awake at night! Private eye, Catherine Townsend explores the psychology of “red collar” crime and criminals and provides insight on how to keep yourself safe from being a victim. (Think Tinder Swindler turns violent). She has a few other podcasts that are also good.


Sad and often upsetting topics handled with sensitivity.

CBC journalist David Ridgen does an investigation into unsolved cases of missing and murdered individuals. He works with the families of the victims and the episodes are chock full of interviews. This show is so refreshing because of his boundless compassion and sensitivity in working with folks who have already gone through so much. It is also a fascinating listen.

An extra perk for the armchair linguists out there—most of the seasons are set in rural or small town Canada and the local accents are so interesting and unique.


Fun and a little nerdy.

This was a short lived podcast that combined Texas history, urban legend, and crime. It is funny and super interesting, so imagine my disappointment when they cut me off at episode 18! You don’t have to be wildly interested in Texas to get a kick out of this, but it won’t hurt if you are.

And of course, not everyone is as gruesome or ghoulish as I am, so if crime and cryptids aren’t your thing, I would love to hear what keeps you entertained while crocheting! Drop us a line in the comments below if you want to make a suggestion or addition to our podcast guide for crocheters.


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Written by Freddy

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