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Amigurumi /’a-mi:-gʊ-,ru:-mi:/ – n sing/plur

1. A cute crochet plushie to call your own 2. The Japanese art of making crocheted or knitted stuffies 3. Something “you could TOTALLY sell on Et$y”

Staying passionate and inspired about your crochet projects ain’t always easy, so for those days you are lacking enthusiasm we invite you to our crocheter corner. Our blog is based in our experience as amigurumi crocheters, our daily life, the mistakes we’ve made, and the feedback we have gotten and continue to get along the way. We are constantly checking out new trends within the crochet community and trying new things out—sometimes with wild success and often with epic fails. We will do our best to share those ups and downs with you here!

Being a crocheter is a nice way to connect with yourself and with others. We share your passion and want to keep this art alive because it’s just so cute! Making cute plushies for yourself and to show love to others may be the most adorable love language there is! (Hold our beers, Gary Chapman).

We want to connect with you, continuously help you improve your skills, and learn from you, too! Let’s crochet together, y’all!

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