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Welcome to the mixed-up, silly world of Freddy Goat Patterns and design. We are two women, an imaginary goat, 4 unpaid (but HIGHLY appreciated) interns, and a whole lot of goofy ideas. We started this adventure in 2021 and are steadily working to grow a business founded on the principles of silliness, the joy of creating, and an abiding love of illustration and the craft of amigurumi crochet. 

The name emerged from our childhood nicknames, Freddy and Chiva Brava (which means wild goat!), and it quickly led to the creation of Freddy Goat, the charming and adventurous character at the heart of our brand. And this, in turn, led to a lot of confusion! Just when are we referring to Freddy Goat the business, Freddy and Goat the women, or Freddy Goat the goat???

In an effort to bring some clarity to this befuddling confusion of names and characters we present you this “Get to Know Freddy Goat” primer:

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Get to know Goat

Goat a/k/a Chiva Brava a/k/a Tere

A lil’ Goat with a short attention span but some skill. 

When we refer to Goat, we are talking about Tere, one of the founders of Freddy Goat. She is a human—not a goat—which makes this all quite confusing but is good for the business, as actual goats seldom have thumbs, much less design degrees, illustration and animation skills, or a law degree, like Tere does.

Goat runs the comics instagram account @freddy_goat_comics, and is responsible for pretty much all of our illustrations and animations. She also designs our pattern layouts and website, and is the driving force behind much of our more exciting ideas.

Goat is a Cancer, a Slytherin, and an enneagram 7. If you have a 7 in your life you understand how delightful that is in a small business setting!

This is how Goat describes herself:

Always a jack of all trades, but master of none.

A licensed attorney with a graphic design degree. I’ve been and I am many things: Yellow belt in judo, tennis player, painter, crocheter, great at cooking, but awful at baking, dramatic B, rancher without land, plant lover, extrovert & introvert, violin player, guitar player, miniature artist, animator, comic artist, and couch potato .

My ADHD is real, always getting in trouble, a hint of narcissism that was inherited and can track where it comes from, don’t hate it, I love liking myself. 

Get to Know Freddy

Freddy a/k/a Kath 

When we refer to Freddy, we are talking about Kath, the other founder of Freddy Goat. Freddy has been crocheting for years, but almost solely amigurumi crochet (which sounds ridiculous even as she types this sentence!). She didn’t have the gumption to start designing until Goat came along and pressured her with the infamous words known to crafters everywhere: “You could totally sell that on Et$y!”

Freddy runs the crochet instagram account @freddy_goat_crochet, and is the primary pattern writer. Her house is littered with yarn scraps at all times.

Freddy is a Scorpio, Hufflepuff, and enneagram 1. The enneagram 1 makes her a huge perfectionist and hesitant to try new things or take risks, so it is great she has a Goat in her life.


Get to Know Freddy Goat

Freddy Goat a/k/a Freddy a/k/a FG

Freddy Goat is an adventurous, loving, sometimes curmudgeonly character who is looking for more in their life than munching on grass. Having grown tired of their pasture, Freddy decided to set off on a new adventure. Each land Freddy Goat visits is filled with silly characters which inspire their own ami patterns.

So far Freddy has run a small cafe, visited Robo-Town, gotten lost in Space, and splashed down into Atlantis. If you are following along on insta, you will be aware that we dream up Freddy’s adventures much faster than we can write or publish patterns. We already have several new series in the works including Freddy Goat in the Mythosphere, Freddy on the Farm, Goat’s Bodega, and (if Freddy the person gets her way) Thar be Freddy Goat!

Freddy Goat is a capricorn! They even transformed into one on their trip to Atlantis!

Get to Know the Interns

Get to Know the IT Intern

The It Intern is an IT professional and in a close personal relationship with Goat (both of which facts we FREQUENTLY exploit). He wears many hats for Freddy Goat, including tax intern, business information intern, and emotional support intern. 

Get to Know the Marketing Intern

The Marketing Intern is Freddy’s partner and is largely responsible for regularly wearing branded Freddy Goat merch and reposting our social posts. He is also a highly skilled yes-man when it comes to supporting Freddy Goat’s hairbrained business ideas.

Get to Know the TikTok Intern

As the youngest (by far) member of the Freddy Goat team, the TikTok intern is dragging us kicking and screaming into the modern era. When he is not busy with school and chore obligations, you might find the TikTok intern criticizing our choice of memes and background music. 

Get to Know the Snuggly-ness Quality Control Intern

So far the Snuggly-ness Quality Control intern is the only one to conceive of and create her own unpaid position. Be thankful she did, as she is single-handedly responsible for ensuring that Freddy Goat’s designs continue to meet the rigorous snuggly-ness standards you have come to expect. 

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