Best Halloween Movies to Watch While Crocheting

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Written by Freddy (Kath) & Tere (Goat)

October 26, 2023

Multitasking: Sure, why not, I can do everything while crocheting. It has been a couple months since we started preparing for our favorite season, Fall, specifically Halloween. I mostly love it because it’s my time to hit the couch and get crafty there. Nothing beats the comfort of my couch for creating. I like the darkness in the sky, a hot drink, and the warmth of a blanky. (Note to all the big companies asking their employees to return to the office—nothing beats the magic of the home office). 

On top of that, as the nights get longer, the cinema selection becomes more interesting. This is the season when I start craving watching certain movies. And, since, for the most part, we crocheters are good at multitasking, why not go over a list of movies to watch while crocheting?

Here are Freddy Goat  suggestions for Halloween watches while crocheting!

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Before we get started, familiarize yourself with the Freddy Rating Scale–an entirely unquantifiable and therefore UTTERLY useless metric for rating anything. Here are the categories…

Movie Guide for Crocheters Rating Scale:

🤣 funny

😱 scary

🤔 hmm… I am intrigued

💩 vulgarity / Gore

👽 👻 Monters /ghosts /aliens/cryptids/susperstition

🥰 oddly heart warming

🔪 discusses crime

List of Best Halloween Movies to Watch While Crocheting to the rescue!

The Witcher: Fireplace


Honestly, there is not much to it other than the comfort it produces.

But this is not a movie, you may say. Well, you’d be right. It is a 60 minute video of the witcher fireplace with mystical music in the background. The reason we suggest this one is because you will feel like  you are in a castle. Serve yourself some wine or a hot drink in an epic mug and prepare to crochet. 

If you are tired of hearing people talking, or you’re overwhelmed and saturated by sounds, this is for you. It offers nice background music combined with fire sounds. Let the cottage magic surround you!

We suggest playing it when you need to count rows or rounds intensely. 

Kiki’s delivery service

🥰 🤔

It takes you to look for inspiration. If you lose your passion and joy for something, this animation will go deep and tell you how Kiki found her magic again, or did she?

Going up in difficulty, this one is perfect if you have kids around and need to distract them while you crochet. This Studio Ghibli movie is one of my big favorites. This is about a little witch girl turning her passion into a business (very relatable😂). 

It is about a girl who believes in being of service and finding purpose in her abilities. Then she loses the passion for it and things get complicated. (Sound familiar??? You know, you love crochet, then suddenly you are selling it on etsy, and slow sales start stripping away away your confidence…)

If you need a feel good witch movie, this is one to explore. It is very relaxing with great music and beautiful illustrations! It takes you on a quest for inspiration. If you lose your passion and joy for something, this animation will go deep and tell you how Kiki found her magic again, or did she?

The main takeaway here is: You won’t be amazing right away, but you can still do great things with your abilities.  Don’t give up!

We hope you enjoy following Kiki around while crocheting your rounds. 

Dungeons & Dragons: HONOR AMONG THIEVES

🤣🤔 💩 👽 👻 🥰 

I will start with saying, I have never played D&D, but I enjoyed the movie.

Edgin is trying to get over the death of his beautiful wife while trying to raise a kid and at the same time escape prison. His best friend, the amazing Holga, is there to join the shenanigans. She helps Edgin to raise his baby and in general helps him because he sucks at being a human since the death of his wife. They will learn about the value of what’s in front of them, together with friends. For this one I recommend working in a continuous stitch you don’t need to count too much because it has some entertaining scenes that may make you lose your count. 



A thriller that will make you keep up your stitches.

You want something gory and criminal? Well, Split is a good choice with the most diverse villain (23 personalities trapped in one body!). Several crimes committed here! Kidnapping, murder, and CANNIBALISM!!!!! Just terrifying! 

The concept? The main character suffers dissociative identity disorder, and their mannerisms change according to the personality in control. When the main character kidnaps 3 girls sh*t goes down the rabbit hole quickly with the most aggressive personality being the ultimate villain. How to run away from a super human? 

Hocus pocus

🤣 😱 💩🤔👽 👻 🥰 

A classic from Freddy’s and my childhood.

A classic from Freddy’s and my childhood. It starts back in the 1600’s with 3 witches kidnapping a child and eating her soul to stay young. (I mean, we get it). Mary, Winnie, and Sarah are true multi-faceted women, both fun and evil (the witches we all aspire to be!). Unfortunately for the children of the future, they prophecy their return at a different time before getting hanged for their heinous crimes.

Fastforward! We are suddently in the 90’s, where we get to meet Max, a teenager who is like, blergh, witchcraft doesn’t exist and I am so cool, I am from Cali and this halloween thing is lame! You know, common teen stuff. However, as it happens, Max is responsible for bringing the 3 cool witch sisters back. Wow, that’s pie in his face! Now Max’s sister is the next target, so he has to believe in magic and fight the evil witches together with his love interest.

As a kid I didn’t notice them, but now I realize there are a lot of adult jokes, so I added a 💩 (vulgarity) to the rating. it’s mild but still in there, like the scene with the bus driver. 

Great for Amigurumi projects and to watch with older kiddos. They can look at their phone and you can crochet. This is a perfect classic to keep the tradition alive.   

The exorcist


This is still the preeminent horror movie (in Freddy’s opinion).

It is scary as &^%$, cinematically beautiful, and well paced. You can probably even watch it alone without pooping your pants (no promises for practicing Catholics because it seriously pushes the Catholic horror envelope). Fun fact, when it aired on network TV–yeah, you heard that right–they dubbed over a very vulgar line screamed by possessed-Regan to “your mother sews socks in hell!” Recommended project: crochet socks!

As you curl up with your crochet project, these scary movies are sure to add an extra layer of excitement to your Halloween crafting experience. Whether you’re crocheting solo, with kiddos, or friends, we hope our selection of films will make your night memorable and enjoyble. So, dim the lights, grab your hooks, and prepare for a spooky night of crafting and chilling. Happy Halloween, and enjoy your crocheting adventure with a touch of fright!


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Written by Tere and Kath

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