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Written by Freddy Goat Design Team

July 20, 2023

We’re giving you our heart (pattern)!

Fulfill your wildest shoujo fantasies and make your cute senpai this free crochet heart pattern. Is there a better way to express your affection than a handmade gift??? (Well, maybe brownies, but aside from that…?) This Valentine’s or, in fact, any day of the year, treat your sweetie to a crochet heart, handmade by you. We promise you, they will be like “Whoa! You made this?!? You could totally sell these on Et$y!!!” And you can! (As long as you credit us for designing the pattern, of course).

Crochet heart pink and red with letter I and U

Before we get started, this is what you need:

  • 2.75mm(US C-2) crochet hook
  • Aran, worsted, or light worsted yarn in the color of your choice.
  • Tapestry needle
  • Stuffing

5-rnd gauge circle = 1.75”/4.5cm Gauge isn’t terribly important in amigurumi, so it is okay to use a slightly larger hook if that is all you have. However, you don’t want to see stuffing through the stitches, so don’t get too big.

red and pink crochet heart
  • Magic ring (MR)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Increase (inc)
  • Invisible decrease (invdec)
  • Invisible join

Download here our free Terms and Techniques glossary for more information.

Or check out Crochet 101 for tips on how to do these and other stitches!

freddy and bebop learning crochet

©2021 Freddy Goat. FREDDY GOAT ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. No part of this free crochet heart pattern may be published, resold, reproduced (in any form or by and means, electronic or mechanical, by photocopying, recording or otherwise), shared, translated or altered without prior permission in writing from the author.

If you sell or exhibit items made using this pattern, credit Freddy Goat Patterns and Design as the original designer. Also, pleases give us a tag on social media so we can see your beautiful work.

Free crochet heart pattern instructions:


• Worked in the round.
• Make Rnds 1-6 twice. Do not break the yarn after completing Rnds 1-6 the second time. Instead, join the two pieces with an sc and continue working in the round.

Rnd 1: MR, sc 6. [6 sts]
Rnd 2: Inc x 6. [12 sts]
Rnd 3: *Inc, sc* x 6. [18 sts]
Rnd 4: *Sc 5, inc* x 3. [21 sts]
Rnd 5: *Sc 3, inc, sc 3* x 3. [24 sts]
Rnd 6: Sc 24. Remember: the first time break the yarn and invisible join. The second time, do not break the yarn. Instead join it to the first with an sc and continue with Rnd 7.
Rnd 7: Sc 48.
Rnd 8: *Sc 7, invdec, sc 7* x 3. [45 sts]
Rnd 9: *Sc 13, invdec* x 3. [42 sts]
Rnd 10: *Sc, 6, invdec, sc 6* x 3. [39 sts]
Rnd 11: *Invdec, sc 11* x 3. [36 sts]
Rnd 12: *Sc 5, invdec, sc 5* x 3. [33 sts]
Rnd 13: *Sc 9, invdec* x 3. [30 sts]
Rnd 14: *Sc 4, invdec, sc 4* x 3. [27 sts]
Rnd 15: *Invdec, sc 7* x 3. [24 sts]
Rnd 16: *Sc 3, invdec, sc 3* x 3. [21 sts]
Rnd 17: *Sc 5, invdec* x 3. [18 sts]
Rnd 18: *Sc 2, invdec, sc 2* x 3. [15 sts]
Rnd 19: *Invdec, sc 3* x 3. [12 sts]

Break the yarn and and stuff the heart. Thread the yarn tail through the front loops of the the remaining 12 sts and draw them closed.

And there was nothing wrong with it and nothing strange about it, that my heart would have broken from using it so much.”

crochet circles pink
crochet heart half way
pink and red crochet hears
PDF download with Freddy Goat illustration

Thank you so much for making Heart! We hope you love your ami and enjoyed the pattern. We would totally love to see the finished product. Please post a pic and tag us in your social when you have a chance. Also, drop a comment below or send us an email if you have any questions or feedback on the patterns.

P.S. No hearts were broken in the making of this free crochet heart pattern.

Thanks a million!!!! Lots of love and silliness<3


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