Welcome to Atlantis, where every Crabby you meet is a friend!

To make Crabby, you will need aran, worsted, or light worsted yarn, a 2.75mm  or 3mm hook, stuffing, a tapestry needle, snap eyes, and the following basic stitches and techniques (check out our Ami School page for tutorials!).

Techniques and Stitches:

• Magic ring (MR)
• Single crochet (sc)
• Half-double crochet (hdc)
• Increase (inc)
• Invisible decrease (invdec)
• Change color
• Invisible join
• Working in back bumps of chain (work in BB)
• 4 step bobble (4-bob)
• Back loops only (BLO)
• Front loops (FLs)
• Slip Stitch (sl st)
• 5 step bobble (5-bob)
• Whip stitch (technique for closing/attaching crocheted pieces)
• Baste a line of stitches (sewing a line of loose stitches to act as a visual guide)

Note: This pattern includes two hairstyles, but you can easily personalize the hair to your taste. We will also be coming out with a pack of additional styles soon!