• Worked in Rows.
• Begin in Color A, then begin alternating between colors in Rows 3-11.
• Odd numbered rows are Right sides (RS) and even numbered rows are Wrong sides (WS).
• On Wrong sides, strand your unused yarn on the side of the work facing you
(ie, on the wrong side).
• In Row 31 you will join the starting ch edge to Row 30 by folding the work in half
(right-side-out), inserting the hook through corresponding stitches of the Row 30 and the top
of Row 1, and making 18 sl sts across.

Row 1: Ch 19, then sc 18 in the BB of ch-19; turn, ch 1. [18 sts not including turning ch]
Row 2: Sc 18; turn, ch 1.
Row 3: (Color A) sc 4, (Color B) sc 10, (Color A) sc 4; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 4: (Color A) sc 3, (Color B) sc 12, (Color A) sc 3; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 5 – Row 9: (Color A) sc 2, (Color B) sc 14, (Color A) sc 2; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 10: (Color A) sc 3, (Color B) sc 12, (Color A) sc 3; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 11: (Color A) sc 4, (Color B) sc 10, (Color A) sc 4; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 12 – Row 14: (Color A from Row 12 on) sc 18; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 15: BLO, sc 18; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 16: FLO, sc 18; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 17 – Row 29: Sc 18; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 30: FLO, sc 18; turn, ch 1. [18 sts]
Row 31: ( Join row) hold the two edges together and sl st 18 through the sts of Row 30 and Row 1
at the same time; ch 1. Don’t break the yarn!


Pivot the work and sc 30 along the raw edge until you get back to the where you started. Break the
yarn leaving a long tail and invisible join. Then line up the stitches so the top and bottom lie flat on
top of each other and use the yarn tail to whip stitch the edges together. Join with an sc to the other
raw edge and repeat these instructions, stopping to stuff the beignet before sealing the opening.

Final touch: POWDERED SUGAR!!!

Use Color B yarn to embroider short sts around the edges of the patch of Color A. Place them
randomly to create the impression of sprinkled powdered sugar.


Also available as a downloadable pdf in our Ravelry Shop!


Before you get started…


01 2.75mm(US C-2) crochet hook
02 Aran or worsted weight yarn in:

  • Color A (pastry color)
  • Color B (powdered sugar color)

03 Tapestry needle
04 Stuffing


6 sts and 6 rows = 1″ x 1″ square
Gauge isn’t terribly important in amigurumi, so it is okay to use a slightly larger hook if that is all you have. However, you don’t want to see stuffing through the stitches, so don’t get too big. Also, remember that if you scale up your ami, you may want larger notions (like snap eyes).

Techniques & Stitches:

  • Back Loops Only (BLO)
  • Single crochet (sc)
  • Front Loops Only (FLO)
  • Whip stitch (method for sewing crochet work together)
  • Work in BB (work into the bumps on the back of the ch)

If you need help with any stitches or techniques in this pattern, check out our Ami School page for tutorials!